Domestic manufacturing partnerships are a vital part of a complex supply chain. In this E-Book, we discuss seven vital criteria to help you evaluate and select your next manufacturing partner.

With over 70 years of experience and one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the country, SDP/SI partners with the most recognized names in the medical, aerospace, defense, and robotics industries, providing custom solutions, design for manufacturability, and precise machining for prototypes through production.

The adage, “Due diligence is the mother of good fortune,” applies to any kind of critical decision-making, including the selection of a manufacturing partner.

In fact, a company’s viability frequently depends on a strong operational alignment with the manufacturer in the long term. In these cases, it is so “mission critical” that it should be part of a company’s business plan, strategic plan, and, possibly, its corporate plan.

In this article, we recommend seven criteria that a company should include as part of its manufacturing partner selection scorecard, with relative weighting based on importance to the company.



7 Essential Criteria for Building a Domestic Manufacturing Partnership

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