Mindfulness & Meditation

Since science began proving the mental and physical benefits of meditation, the practice has become a mainstream exercise in western culture. Increasingly, celebrities and CEOs are confessing that mindful meditation is a key component to dealing with the stresses of a fast-paced life.
In our latest ebook, Mindfulness for Engineers, we outline some of the proven benefits, and even walk you through the basics of mindful and active meditation practices.
Mindfulness and meditation for engineers ebook

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Major Benefits of Meditation

Science shows that practitioners of mindfulness and meditation enjoy better sleep, more energy, increased concentration, frequent states of "flow" and much more. 


Secular Meditation Practices

We'll show you some simple meditative exercises along with tips on how to turn breathing into a mindfulness tool. Whether you're a pro or novice, these techniques will help you develop the habit of "thought-watching."


Helpful Apps

We don't always encourage adding another app to your device. But when it comes to being a more productive human, we are all about recommending our favorite apps for guided meditation practices.

Very little is needed to make a happy life.

It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

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