What's your timing belt knowledge?

Whether you're working with timing belts for the first time, or you're an old pro, this infographic is a helpful tool to refresh your knowledge of timing belts. Machines won't run like well-oiled machines on their own. The highest performing and most efficient parts produce the desired outcome. Choose wisely and download our free infographic to learn helpful information that will make your purchasing decision and installation process efficient, saving you time and money. 

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Learn everything you need to know about timing belts:

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Do's & Don'ts

What's the minimum amount of teeth a MXL pitch belt have? How do you deliver the rated horsepower of a belt? We aren't born with this knowledge, so don't rely on a gut feeling when it comes to timing belts. 

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Maximum Speeds 

Timing belts are designed to operate at different speeds. For example, the amount of feet per minute for a minipitch belt is very different than that of a T-series belt. Learn the exact number and everything in between.

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Timing Belt Trivia

Fill in the blank: the higher the belt ______, the greater the noise level. We bust out the timing belt facts and take you on a technical journey through the belts.

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Installation Tips

Even pros can forget a simple step when installing a timing belt. Follow these 6 tips that should be considered when installing all timing belts. 

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Buying Tips

When purchasing pulley material (metal vs. plastic), it's important to be mindful of these 6 things. No buyer's remorse here. 

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