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Ideas in Motion

Science Can Predict Future Behavior—Should it?

Feb 3, 2020 6:13:45 PM / by posted in news, Psychology, Science, Human Brain


Minority Report was a science fiction story written by Philip Dick and adapted for the 2002 blockbuster film starring Tom Cruise. Imagining the world by year 2054, Philip Dick portrayed a government body with an ability to predict crimes before they happened, and the right to arrest individuals based on their potential of committing a “future crime.” When the movie hit theaters, the idea of predicting crimes seemed a preposterous notion, but science often makes the seemingly impossible, reality.

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Recalling Names and Numbers: An Engineer’s Guide to Mind Maintenance

Sep 3, 2019 3:05:15 PM / by posted in Psychology, Productivity, Human Brain


All of us probably have forgotten someone’s name shortly after we’ve been introduced. If you were attempting to make a good impression on that person, forgetting his/her name is a major faux pas. This article presents a holistic approach to brain health and mental stimulation by delving into a little science and psychology about the mind and memory loss, steps you can take to maintain a healthy brain, and techniques to retain and recall information.

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Take Your Brain to the Gym

Aug 12, 2019 6:37:40 PM / by posted in Self-Development, Science, Human Brain


Most people understand the benefits of exercise for maintaining overall health and weight management. Few probably realize, though, that the brain needs even more care and exercise than the rest of the body to maintain its health and sharpness, and even fewer know how to exercise it properly. The brain is, after all, the most vital organ controlling every other essential bodily function. In this article, we examine the basic anatomy of the brain, the effects of physical exercise on the brain, and techniques to “workout” the brain specifically.

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