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Reshoring Microchip Manufacturing

Nov 30, 2022 6:09:00 PM / by posted in Engineers, Manufacturing, Problem-solving, Science


The pandemic disrupted supply chains around the world and exposed many weaknesses, but one of the most glaring issues was in microchip manufacturing. Microchips are the engine that runs the modern world, from cars to mobile phones, computers, and electronics of all kinds, disruption to the production of microchips rippled through the world economy. Many industries that require advanced microchips in the manufacturing process experience delays and shortages. The shortages drove the price of goods up and contributed to rising worldwide inflationary pressures.

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Five Questions to Help You Select the Right Coupling

Jun 22, 2020 6:30:00 AM / by posted in Manufacturing


Couplings are a simple component that are often overlooked until late in a project which can cause issues. If not given the proper care and attention to detail early, they can become a source of frustration and even failure if handled incorrectly.

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Reshoring Manufacturing

Jun 12, 2020 3:29:04 PM / by posted in Manufacturing, mechanical components, Problem-solving


“What critical medical components are currently vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, but could be sourced domestically with some prior planning and coordination?”

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10 Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Apr 1, 2019 1:02:39 PM / by posted in Manufacturing, lean, news

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The origin of lean manufacturing can be traced back to Henry Ford’s assembly line. If there’s one thing Ford did impeccably, it was cutting waste. Yet, it wasn’t until the mid-1940s when Toyota Corporation picked up on the idea of minimal waste and perfected the process. Toyota’s lead engineer, Taaichi Ohno, designed an operating system solely focused on reducing errors, ordering parts and supplies, shrinking inventory, and above all, eliminating waste – all with the aim of reducing warehousing costs.


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Embracing This Age of Robotics

Feb 6, 2019 12:16:05 PM / by posted in technology, Robotics, Manufacturing


Robotics are changing the face of almost every industry, with the manufacturing sector appearing to benefit the most. In fact, some people refer to this age as the “fourth industrial revolution,” and for a good reason. If the current statistics are anything to go by, then you’d be right to say that we are in the age of robotics. On a global scale, data shows that a whopping 1.3 million industrial robots have made their way into factories.

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