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The Designatronics SDP/SI Center Distance Designer Tool

With a global customer base of over 15,000 firms in the aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial sectors, Designatronics, Inc., has emerged as a leader in the design and sale of high-quality small power transmission components. Since it began operations in 1950, the company has expanded to three brands: (1) Quality Bearings and Components (“QBC”); (2) QTC Metric Gears (“QTC”); and (3) Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (“SDP/SI”).  Its 87,000 powertrain products include gears, belt and chain drives, shafts, shaft accessories, bearings, couplings, universal joints, vibration mounts, miscellaneous components, hardware, gearheads and speed reducers, right angle drives, brakes and clutches.

Constructed in 2017, the company’s new, 100k sq/ft world-class production facility can accommodate short to high-volume production runs with added capacity and improved lead times.  This facility houses the latest CNC Machines, precision machining stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, bronze, steel alloys, and titanium. SDP/SI also offers design, development, manufacturing, assembly, and testing services for customers that require alternative solutions.

Designatronics – Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument is ISO 9001:2015 certified, AS9100D certified, Boeing BQMS certified, ITAR compliant (DDTC registered), R.E.A.C.H. compliant, RoHS compliant and maintains a cleanroom meeting ISO 7 requirements for testing and assembly. On the website, customers can take a virtual tour of the company’s facility. Other webpages on the site describe the company’s management approach, include recent company press releases, feature an informative industry blog, and highlight the company’s support for various educational and community initiatives. Many customers will find the online technical resources helpful. These resources include technical data, specifications, white papers, and other information about bearings, timing belts, pulleys, clutches, couplings, u-joints, fasteners, gears, and motors.

Here, we highlight one of SDP/SI’s design tools known as the Center Distance Designer. Customers can use this online tool for ordering pulleys and timing belts for power train applications. This tool computes belt lengths for various center distances, and checks the number of “teeth” in mesh for both pulleys. To do this, it calculates pulley drive ratios for each designed pulley pair. The tool is efficient and simple to use. From drop-down menus, customers choose inch or metric, select the pitch, and enter the desired speed ratio. Next, the customer selects the number of grooves or “teeth” for Pulley A (the same number of grooves will populate for Pulley B), and enters the desired center distance. By clicking on “Show Parts” in the center window, a list of available timing belts will appear. The customer can click on the part to be taken to another webpage where s/he can add the part to the online shopping cart, request a quote, download 3-D models, or view a catalog page.  If the part is not on the list, SDP/SI can custom manufacture it to specifications, often overnight. This informative YouTube video demonstrates use of the tool.

The Center Distance Designer tool is but one example of SDP/SI’s commitment to quality and innovation through ongoing investment in new technology, processes, and methods. From miniature pumps to component parts for a 3-D printers, and even on the Mars Rover, SDP/SI continues to be an industry leader in innovation.